GoNe By ThE wInD

this is another story....there is one guy that make my life that used to be simple before changed to most complicated one...he was something..he have no simple attitude,annoying can be unpolite and full of himself..but he came at the right time..when i'm in unloved..when my heart is hurting..when i felt it's only me in this wide world..he changed my life..he make my life sweeter...he do many thing to make me happy..although he know i'm in love with someone else...at the end...i felt guilty to him..he put  a lot of effort on me..but i still felt it was not him that i find for..it's always not him..i'm about to let him fly..but then i knew his reality life..sympathy visit my heart..he's just like me..we are same...lonely in different way..very different way..then,i make a choice to be friend with him as else...people said,same in many ways..make you in love..but it didn't works to me..because he is different..he is like over the top of the sky and me just like the ground that he feet on..i  just don't deserve him...i will let u gone by the wind and will smile with memories that we have..

isn't it ironic?
we ignored the one who adore us..
adore the one who ignore us..
love the one who hurt us..
hurt the one who love us..

WoULd U EveR nOtIcE mE

Along this simple life...i have something to share..like everyone else,they also have their own person to admire of..like me too..There is a guy..mystery guy~he kinda simple like me too..with his simple looking smile,simple effort,simple talk in meaning..because of that,he make me looking at him all the time..he got my extraordinary feelings to him~but the story not ends here..he were my classmates..he was my friend after all but he never saw me..the sadness continue when he with this one girl and he look very happy with her..when back from school..we walk at the same road but we never walk together...he look rushing like want avoiding me..i just can stay,while watching him walking away~it's been two years i've been hiding my feeling..yet,he have no idea of my feelings like this..he probably never think of me at all.like the wind,he just fly right through..keep practicing what i want say to him,somehow it flies right off my lips.because of that..we don't really have any memories..At the end,i'll just make them all on my own,even though i know his heart will never be mine~i never wish my life to be like this...
anyway...may god bless him with happiness all over his way~

meeting him is a fate...
be friend with him is a choice...
but falling in love with him is beyond my control..

It's My BiRthDaY^^

생-일/ 축하/합니다./ 생일축하합니다
saeng-il/ chuk ha/ hab ni da./ saeng-il/ chuk ha/ hab ni da.
Happy birthday to you/Happy birthday to you
지-구에서/ 우주에서/ 제일 /사랑/합니다.
Ji-gu E Seo/ wu ju e seo /je il/ sarang / hab ni da
In the earth, in the universe I love you most
꽃보다/ 더/ 곱게 /별/보다/ 더/ 밝게
ggot bo da/deo/ gob ge/ byul/ boda /deo /bal ge

More beauty than flower, brighter than stars 
사자/보다 /용감하게/ 해피벌스데이 투 유

saja/boda/yhong gam ha ge/happy birthday to you.
More courage than lion, happy birthday to you
생일/축하/합니다/ 생일/ 축하/합니다
saeng-il/ chuk ha/ hab ni da./ saeng-il/ chuk ha/ hab ni da
.Happy birthday to you/Happy birthday to you
꽃다운/ 내 친구야 /굵고 /깊게/ 살아요
ggot da wn/nae chin gu ya/gul go/gib ge/sal a yho
My friend who is similar as Flower. plz keep your life thick and deep. 

 i will always be forever young^^