GoNe By ThE wInD

this is another story....there is one guy that make my life that used to be simple before changed to most complicated one...he was something..he have no simple attitude,annoying can be unpolite and full of himself..but he came at the right time..when i'm in unloved..when my heart is hurting..when i felt it's only me in this wide world..he changed my life..he make my life sweeter...he do many thing to make me happy..although he know i'm in love with someone else...at the end...i felt guilty to him..he put  a lot of effort on me..but i still felt it was not him that i find for..it's always not him..i'm about to let him fly..but then i knew his reality life..sympathy visit my heart..he's just like me..we are same...lonely in different way..very different way..then,i make a choice to be friend with him as else...people said,same in many ways..make you in love..but it didn't works to me..because he is different..he is like over the top of the sky and me just like the ground that he feet on..i  just don't deserve him...i will let u gone by the wind and will smile with memories that we have..

isn't it ironic?
we ignored the one who adore us..
adore the one who ignore us..
love the one who hurt us..
hurt the one who love us..

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